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22 novembre 2009 7 22 /11 /novembre /2009 16:53

Serial Dealer is more than happy to announce the creation of the 3Roll League!!!

What’s the 3Roll League?

The 3Roll League is:

- The 3Roll League is a PRIVATE organization ONLY accessible to Volvo people and their friends. At least, one Volvo employee has to be a member of each team.

- A set of online Texas Hold’ hem No limit Freeroll tournaments.

- A team competition.

- A free event supported by Everest Poker.

- The 3Roll League is organized by Olivier and not by Everest Poker.

- The connexion to the tournaments will be secured by passwords that I will manage and send to the registered teams.

- The 3Roll League will not be played by thousands of people but just by the teams registered going thru me. Then, the chance to be qualified for the finale tables and to win a price is real.


What can you win?

1200$ of prices will be distributed. The supply later thru the communication media (see “How to beèdetail will be informed”).

1st Price : 3 set of 300 chips Everest Poker (Value : 200$ x 3)

2nd Price : 3 Everest Poker Step4 Ticket (Value : 107$ x 3)

3rd Price : 3 Everest Poker Step3 Ticket (Value : 33$ x 3)

4th Price : 3 Everest Poker T-shirt and Cap ( Value : 15$ x 3)

5th Price : 3 Everest Poker T-shirt and Cap ( Value : 15$ x 3)

6th Price : 3 Everest Poker T-shirt and Cap ( Value : 15$ x 3)



Who can participate?

All Volvo Employees, all contractors & all their friends are welcome. (Nota : at least one of the team member has to be a Volvo employee)


Who will win?

First step: You have first to qualify your team for the finals.

Second step: to win, your team has to earn as much points as possible during the finals.


Who can distribute the information about the 3-Roll League ?

All of you!!! Do not hesitate to send this friends. You can also print the poster and displayèannouncement to your poker it at your office. The poster is stored in the following document library (Volvo Intranet access required):


When is the 3-Roll League?

The league will last 5 week from January, 6th 2010 to February, 3rd 2010.


When are the tournaments scheduled?

The tournaments will occur every Wednesday at 21:00 (GMT+01:00).


When can you register a team?

You can register a team with three members from now up to the end of the year 2009.

January, 1st 2010 at 00:00:01, it will be too late.


How to register your team?

First you have to secure that each member has an Everest Poker screen name.

Then you have to register before the end of the registration period. Click HERE to register.

Required information for the 3 members are:

- Team name

- Member’s name

- Member’s Screen Name (the exact screen name you have on Everest Poker)

- Member’s mail address

- Country


How are the scores calculated?

Each member of a team will participate to a different tournament every Wednesday. This means that 3 tournaments will run in parallel every Wednesday.

For each member result, a number of points will be determined based upon the number of participants to the tournament ad the ranking of the member. The formula is a bit complex and you will find it in the 3Roll League rules.

There is no need to participate to all the qualification sessions. If one member can't participate to a qualification session, he will not receive points.

At the end of the three qualification rounds, the ten teams that have the biggest amount of points will be qualified for the finals. Each member will participate to a different final tournament. This means that 3 final tables will run in parallel the last Wednesday.

The winning team will be the one with the biggest amount of points received during the final tables.


How to secure the technical stuffs?

To avoid issues during the first round, a test round will be organised the first Wednesday of January. The real competition will start Wednesday, 13th 2010.


How to be informed?

All information will be published on the “Shuffle up and deal blog”. To receive the news, don’t hesitate to register to the alerts. This blog is only accessible to the people that have access to the Volvo Intranet. http://mysite.volvo.com/personal/r084178/SUAD-blog/default.aspx

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<br /> On a déjà fait un truc dans le genre mais c'était organisé par WINAMAX.<br /> Cette fois, ce tournoi est organisé par moi ;O).<br /> Donc les participants devraient tous être connectés à Volvo par un ami, un conjoint ou autre.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Très tentant ma foi ... Vous l'avez déjà fait non ?<br /> <br /> Seul pb : la disponibilité, à vérifier ...<br /> <br /> <br />