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As one of the participants of the FPT#33 was a Swed, this post will be written in English.

To synchronize the FPT and the French trip of Marko the FPT planning was a bit changed.

9 players were there to try to beat the famous and typical Swedish poker style. During his first visit to the FPT, Marko demonstrates that the legend of the Swedish aggressive style was not only a legend.


Quite quickly, Thomas have seen his stack becoming smaller and smaller. Finally, he never successes to make growing his chips account and is the first to get out of the tournament.

One more time, the FPT members made sure to demonstrate that they have a full respect for the women playing poker. The best proof of respect you can give to a woman playing poker is to play your better poker in order to eliminate her as soon as possible. Then we can say that this FPT was a perfect success. Raphaelle and Emmanuelle are out in 9 and 8 position.


Another significant fact of this event was the participation of Hervé, the last before he will leave his position to go for new challenges. Fred, Noam and Laurent decide to be kind with him and leave the tournament in order to satisfy Hervé. As I did not understand this deal, I unfortunately put our dear guest out of the tournament. Sorry…


Gregory a bit tired and a bit in a hurry to go back home, push all-in with a marginal hand (A-8 off). A flush on the river will force Gregory to continue and push Marko out.


Unused to play heads-Up, Gregory will never find the rhythm and the hands to endanger myself.

I also have to admit that I receive very good hands and draws.


After three FPT in 2011, I already have a huge advance. Not a surprise as I won two of the three ;O)


The next FPT is planed for the 12th of April. As It will be very closed to my birthday, I will probably supply some bubbles ;O)


The 2011 FPT ranking chart is up to date.


Here under is the result of the FPT#33.

FPT 33

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