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11 novembre 2010 4 11 /11 /novembre /2010 20:12

fpt-logo.jpgNous allons avoir un FPT un peu particulier et parce que le participant principal est Suèdois. parce qu'il est possible qu'il lise ces lignes, je bascule en anglais.


The next Friends Poker Tour will be a bit special. Since many months we intent to sync the trip of Mister Marko to France with one of our poker event. I announce that the next FPT will be the opportunity to play poker with Marko.

10 players have already accepted to be part of this FPT. As Marko will arrive arround 21:00 this will be the start time of the poker game. To simplify the organization, this FPT will be hosted by the Brasserie we are used to annex for the ASPT poker events.

The participants are for now :

Marko, Thomas, Noam, Yvan, Sylvain D, Judicael, Fred, Pierre-Jean, Raphaelle & Serial Dealer.


The ones that are available before 21:00 can have the dinner all together at the Brasserie. I will personnaly arrive arround 21:00 too.


As the start time will be 21:00 instaed for 19:30, I will probably have to speed a bit the standard FPT level structure.

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<br /> <br /> Tres bien<br /> <br /> <br /> Now I keep fingers crossed that the plane lands safely and in time + I still have some blinds left entering the brassserie (min 10 BB s'il vous plaît)<br /> <br /> <br /> bonne chance//M<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />